We're releasing Lucky Boys Confusion's debut album "Growing Out Of It" on vinyl! 13 March 2020

The collectors edition deluxe double LP will be limited to 500 copies and includes fan favorites such as "Arizona Stand", "Fred Astaire" and more. The record also includes a double insert with song-by-song liner notes from the band.

Pressing info:
200 copies - Solid Orange
300 copies – Blue & yellow starburst

NEW Chief State music video "Biding Time" debuting via Rock Sound! 10 March 2020

Chief State's light-hearted music video for the new single "Biding Time" is debuting now over on Rocksound's website: https://www.rocksound.tv/features/read/premiere-chief-state-pay-homage-to-anchorman-in-their-new-video-for-biding

Give it a peep and catch "Biding Time" streaming on Spotify/Apple Music/all other streaming platforms tomorrow.

The upcoming album "Tough Love" is out later this month 3/27; pre-order your copy at: https://mutantleaguerecords.limitedrun.com/