Settle Your Scores "The Wilderness" LP (Green w/ Black Splatter)

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Settle Your Scores "The Wilderness" LP (Green w/ Black Splatter)

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First Press Vinyl 12" of "The Wilderness" by Settle Your Scores. Green with Black Splatter color variant, limited to 250 copies. This purchase includes a digital album download.


Side A:
1. Just Because You Shot Jesse James, Don't Make You Jesse James
2. Poster Boys for Bad Luck
3. Life: A Fate Worse Than Death
4. Behind the Scene/Nothing Without You
5. Worst Intentions (You Had 'Em)
6. Cashing Your Reality Check

Side B:
7. If Loose Lips Sink Ships, Then You're the Titanic
8. Friend or Faux?
9. Anti-Social Butterfly
10. There's No 'I' In Family
11. Underachiever of the Year
12. How to Screw Up Your Future and Disappoint Your Loved Ones

*The digital images used to represent our vinyl color variants are often slightly different than the physical product*

Pressing Information

Total Pressing: 500 units
Variant 1: Rainbow splatter (250 units)
Variant 2: Green w/ Black Splatter (250 units)

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